Automobile Accidents

Auto Accident

Auto Accident Attorneys

Edwards Kirby attorneys have a long history of successful litigation in cases involving motor vehicle accidents causing permanent, disabling, or fatal injuries. We fight to collect the full legal compensation needed to help your family recover from a serious or fatal motor vehicle accident

Edwards Kirby concentrates its representation on the individual plaintiff, no matter how well-financed the defendant or his insurance company may be. Our auto accident attorneys are skilled at uncovering the evidence to prove who was at fault.

We document the injuries and treatments necessary to achieve full possible recovery or to adapt to a disability. We are leaders in motor vehicle accidents involving:

  • Big rig truck accidents
  • Commercial vehicles, buses or delivery vans
  • Single-vehicle accidents caused by defective tires, brakes, or other components
  • Accidents involving fuel-fed fires, including those resulting in serious burns
  • SUV rollovers
  • Serious or fatal injuries involving roadside good Samaritans
  • Motor vehicle collisions injuring pedestrians, bicyclists, or skateboarders

The attorneys at Edwards Kirby have handled hundreds of auto accident cases involving serious injury or death. A small sampling of some of those cases includes:

  • A two-year-old boy orphaned when his parents are killed by a police officer with a history of poor driving
  • A Chapel Hill attorney killed when a construction site crane fell on the road
  • An ambulance driver killed by a runaway truck as he tried to save his partner
  • A woman who suffered a life-threatening brain injury after being hit from behind by a tow truck
  • A college student who suffered brain damage after being hit by a milk truck
  • A woman driving who was struck and killed by a drunk driver

Edwards Kirby takes an exhaustive approach to investigating and proving the cause of the wreck, and in determining the total extent of losses and damages to help our clients achieve the best possible results under tragic circumstances.