Government and Municipal Liability

Government Liability

Government and Municipal Liability Attorneys

The attorneys at Edwards Kirby have seen substantial success in litigation against government entities and municipalities.  While taking action against a city or department of the State may seem daunting, Edwards Kirby attorneys offer clients peace-of-mind and expert guidance throughout the investigation and litigation process.

Our attorneys have represented individuals who sustained significant losses or injuries as a result of governmental or municipal negligence. With expert knowledge garnered from years of successful courtroom experience, we can help bring justice to you. At Edwards Kirby, we handle cases including injuries sustained from:

  • Accidents involving city trucks, buses and other vehicles
  • Defective highway design
  • Faulty or missing guardrails
  • Unmarked or improperly marked construction zones
  • Faulty or dangerous government premises
  • Eminent domain – taking private property for government use