Pool, Lake and Ocean Drownings

Pool, Lake, and Ocean Drownings

Swimming Pool Drowning Accident Attorneys

Edwards Kirby attorneys have a national reputation for representing victims of swimming pool, boating and diving accidents. Our attorneys won the largest products liability verdict in the swimming pool industry’s history.

John Edwards and David Kirby were awarded the American Association for Justice national public service award in 1997 for their work on behalf of a child who had her intestines pulled out after being trapped by suction on a defective pool drain. The decision led to widespread changes around the country in the standards for swimming pool drains.

Edwards Kirby is recognized among the best possible advocates in a serious personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death claim involving circumstances such as:

  • Unsafe or unsupervised swimming pools and spas in hotels, resorts, apartment complexes and recreation centers
  • Injuries and deaths caused by inattentive or poorly trained lifeguards
  • Drowning or severe injuries in quarries, gravel pits, and ponds
  • Diving accidents caused by improper training, defective equipment, negligent supervision, or unsafe conditions

While drowning is the injury that most people connect with accidents on or in the water, other serious injuries can occur in boating accidents or diving mishaps. These include brain damage caused by extended periods of insufficient oxygen and serious spinal cord, back, or neck injuries suffered while diving.

If you or someone in your family has been seriously injured or killed in a drowning accident, contact EdwardsKirby.